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Digital solutions based on state-of-the-art automotive technologies at Audi Hungaria.

The IT area of Audi Hungaria is responsible for ensuring the reliable and high-quality operation of the company's business processes in all areas. To this end, our staff use state-of-the-art technologies to support our customers every day, providing quality services and excellent teamwork. Our employees are constantly striving to optimize current solutions and continuously improve our services.

The IT team performs tasks within 5 organizational units:

  • The main responsibilities of the IT Security / Governance area include IT security incident management, IT security project implementation and IT security support for projects. In addition to these tasks, the IT Controlling and IT Project Portfolio Management functions are also implemented here. For us, IT is not just about code and algorithms, but about thousands of colleagues whose work we make easier, faster and safer by operating our systems.
  • The Business Partner / Project Management area can be divided into two teams: on the one hand, the Business Partner Management team, which provides customer support services for all Audi Hungaria business areas in the areas of IT project portfolio, IT strategy and concept, and on the other hand, the Project Management team, which provides project management services for all business areas of Audi Hungaria in case of a project or sub-project aiming at the development/implementation of a new IT service or further development of an existing IT service.
  • The Operation of Business Activities / Application Management area is responsible for, among other things, strategy and life cycle planning for powertrain and vehicle manufacturing support systems, technical consulting and supplier management. Its main objective is to plan the development roadmaps and life cycle of strategic products and systems in cooperation with the different specialty areas and to ensure the smooth transition of new services and systems from the project phase to operation.
  • The Infrastructure / Workplace Services area is responsible for providing and supporting the work of employees in Audi Hungaria's office and production environment with IT devices and the related infrastructure. This activity covers not only procurement, but also the monitoring of the entire life cycle of each device or service, from commissioning to operation.
  • The Audi Group IT Services area primarily carries out IT activities on behalf of Audi AG, which may occasionally be supplemented by service work orders from VW Group sites or other brand groups.

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For more information, watch our video about the IT area of Audi Hungaria.

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