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“I’m driven by the same thing I was in Formula Student: to develop something unique.”
2024. 04. 15.
Crazy passion, incredible humility, endless creativity and expertise - perhaps these are the words that best describe Formula Student, one of the most outstanding university venues in motorsport. Last July, our development engineer colleague Dániel Dén, joined us from the BME Motorsport team in Budapest, and with the usual Formula Student enthusiasm, he told us about his past and about the present at Audi.
If you choose the hard way, persistence will get you help.
2024. 02. 08.
12,000 people, 12,000 stories. Although our focus within the walls of Audi is first and foremost on the job, we are all human and we all came to the company with a story to tell. In our everyday lives, our common goals at work come first, and our individual stories are also a source of great strength and motivation.
My story of change - Yessica Wunderli-Meyer, IT
2024. 02. 01.
From logistics to IT? Yes! Life can bring huge changes if we are open and dare to seize our opportunities. Read Yessica’s success story here.
My story of change: Ádám Horváth
2023. 12. 05.
I'm sure many of you know Adam, but did you know that he has worked in 5 different jobs at the engine factory over the last 9 years?! He told us his exciting story. Click!
Software and hardware within one job? Yes!
2023. 09. 28.
The engineers of the “Hardware in the Loop” simulation team of the Vehicle Development unit feel at ease in the virtual environment they “build”, but they also put their simulation results to the test on a physical platform during the hardware trials. They have an interesting, complex job, as they can make good use of their electrical engineering, IT and vehicle technology skills all at once. They see the technological trends of the automotive industry develop under their hands and they can influence the hardware and software offering of future cars. Sounds exciting? Learn more from the stories of our two colleagues.
A real “old hand” with engines – the Four-Ring success story of Miklós Liziczai
2023. 09. 04.
Over the last 27 years, many of us have had the chance to work with Miklós Liziczai as one of the leaders at our company. His is a real success story, and he has told us in detail about the best moments of his years at Audi.
Trumpeter and Process Engineer: a Story of Faith and Will
2023. 07. 21.
As a successful trumpet player and music teacher working in Zalaegerszeg, it seems a rather absurd idea in many ways to get a job as an operator in Győr. Yet Ágoston Persa took this step and now looks back on it as one of the best decisions of his life.
A Straight Path to Audi's Professional IT World - SAP Postgraduate Training
2023. 06. 09.
Audi Hungaria's SAP postgraduate programme at the Széchenyi István University in Győr was launched in 2022.
Audi Hungaria is one of the most attractive employers according to young professionals
2023. 06. 09.
Our company was voted as the "Most Attractive Employer of the Year 2023" in the "Technical, Engineering" category in the Great Career Starter Survey.
Girls' Day at Audi Hungaria
2023. 04. 28.
There is one day every year when girls who are determined to conquer the world unite to explore their potential in engineering. A day when young girls gain lifelong inspiration for their career choices.
The high peak of creation, the infinite range of technical possibilities
2023. 02. 21.
Zsuzsa Németh joined our company 10 months ago as a new employee. In this article you can learn more about the world of Production Technology Design through her experiences and thoughts. Take a look behind the scenes!


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