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Further education

Our company offers development opportunities for employees on an ongoing basis. Our vocational training programme supports our employees with secondary education degrees, if they wish to get any of the below college or university degrees:

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Tool Design Engineer
  • Vehicle Engineer MSc
  • Mechatronics Engineer MSc

Professional and general training and retraining courses:

We provide our employees opportunities to attend various professional or general (re)training courses or language courses. Our organisational unit Audi Akademie Hungaria fosters professional development of the employees in several areas. Further information:

Individual development opportunities for our employees with higher education degrees:

Audi Hungaria offers various career opportunities for determined and committed colleagues with exceptional professional skills and knowledge. Potential directions of development depend on individual competences.

For our responsible employees who aspire to management positions, we recommend our internal management supply programme. The purpose of the programme is to fill the management positions of the company with employees with management ambitions, a responsible attitude and a good knowledge of Audi Hungaria. On the way to becoming managers our employees attend a training programme of 1 to 3 years, including both individual and group courses in order to lay the foundation of their management skills and abilities that will enable them to face new challenges successfully (beside their existing professional knowledge and experience). We believe that with the continuous help and feedback provided by their respective departments as well as the Human Resources department they might even become managers of strategic levels.

For colleagues looking for in-depth professional activities, specialist positions offer great opportunities. Our present employees, who possess a knowledge that could hardly be acquired elsewhere on the labour market, and are especially motivated as well, are selected by our departments of strategic importance. The responsibilities of specialists include the acquisition and adaptation of trends and technologies within the concern to Audi Hungaria.


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