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Audi Hungaria and the society

Since 1993, Audi Hungaria has provided important impetus for the development of the Hungarian economy and the city of Győr. The company is a fixed element of urban life, for example. For Audi Hungaria, it is only natural to promote cultural and sporting events, thus enhancing the quality of life of Győr’s citizens. The Hungarian Audi subsidiary has been a sponsor of the Győr Ballet Ensemble since 1997, and the main sponsor since 2002. Since March 2015, Audi Hungaria has been cooperating with the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. The signing of a sponsoring agreement strengthens the engine and automobile manufacturer’s cultural involvement in the region. The company also supports various other cultural events, for example the Jazz Terrace in Pannonhalma and as main sponsor of the annual end-of-summer concerts in Győr.

Playing an important role in Győr’s sporting life and as part of its social involvement, the company sponsors top-level sports events which attract great interest of the inhabitants in Győr and the surrounding area. Audi Hungaria has been the main and name sponsor of the women’s handball team Győr ETO KC since 2006.

The Audi Aréna Győr was opened in November 2014 and can be used to accommodate numerous attractive sport and cultural events. It is a good example of the positive cooperation between Audi Hungaria and the City of Győr. The company is the name sponsor of the arena.

In addition to promoting the arts, culture and sport, the company is also active for intermediate and academic education in Hungary. In the context of the system of dual vocational training, Audi Hungaria has been successfully cooperating for many years with the Sándor Lukács Vocational College and Students’ Hall of Residence for Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, with the Ábrahám Pattantyús Industrial Intermediate College and General Cultural Center, and with the Lajos Kossuth Industrial Intermediate College, Vocational College and Students’ Hall of Residence.

In the context of the system of dual vocational training, 250 apprentices are currently being trained in 13 different metal-working and electrical occupations at Audi Hungaria. Following this system, more than 1,700 apprentices have completed a course of vocational training there since 2001.

In 2010, the company supported the foundation of the Audi Hungaria School for the elementary and intermediate education of the children of Hungarian and German employees. When the students finish the school, they have leaving certificates recognized in Germany as well as Hungary. More than 450 Hungarian and German children started school year 2015-16 in years one to ten. The school is being continuously expanded up to the twelfth-year class.

Since 2013, the Audi Hungaria School has been one of more than 140 German international schools with worldwide recognition. Since September 2014, German and Hungarian children have been taught together according to a Hungarian-German educational concept. The infrastructural framework is provided by the expansion of the school complex; this is being supported by the EU and its first construction phase was punctually completed in the summer of 2015. As a result, the school students were able to start the 2015/2016 school year in the new building. By the spring of 2017, a new, modern education center for a total of 650 school students will be created here.

The Audi Hungaria Kindergarten is part of the Audi Hungaria School and opened on the site of the school in September 2012. In the kindergarten, German and Hungarian children are looked after in two mixed groups.

In the area of university cooperation, Audi Hungaria and the University of Győr are working together in a unique project. On January 1, 2015, Audi Hungaria and the Széchenyi István University of Győr founded the “Audi Hungaria Faculty for Automotive Technology.” The faculty now has six professorships: internal combustion engines, automotive manufacturing technology, complete vehicle development, material science and technology, environmental engineering, logistics and shipping. The professorship leadership and organization communication was established by the company in late 2014.

Audi Hungaria’s specialist involvement at the University of Győr is intensified by the large extent of direct participation by Audi Hungaria experts in lectures and research. The premium automobile manufacturer promotes the development of engineering education in German and English as well as scientific research work, thus helping to secure the next generation of specialists for Audi Hungaria. On the basis of cooperation with Audi stretching back for many years, lectures are regularly held offered by the university in both Hungarian and German.

In the context of social responsibility, the second Audi Hungaria Volunteers’ Day was held in 2015. It was a great success: More than 600 Audi Hungaria employees supported 36 charitable projects in the Győr region. For the first time, the employees implemented projects also further away from Győr, for example in Komárom and in Pápa.

One of Audi Hungaria’s special concerns is to improve traffic safety. For this purpose, the company supports traffic lessons at the kindergartens in Győr. In addition, Audi Hungaria has provided the police force of the Győr-Moson-Sopron region with several automobiles. In April 2015, the company presented the force with a new police car, an Audi TTS Coupe* with a 2-liter TFSI engine. After two Audi TT cars in 2005 and 2008 and an Audi A3 Sedan* in December 2013, the Audi TTS Coupe is the fourth automobile that Audi Hungaria has provided to the police force of the Győr-Moson-Sopron region.

Furthermore, since 2012, Audi Hungaria has been a partner of MOBILIS, the center of playful discovery. This interactive exhibition center has exhibits on the subject of mobility such as vehicle steering and control, energy and propulsion, and planning and production. Visitors can learn about the world of mobility and automobile production in permanent and temporary exhibitions, and can participate in numerous scientific events.


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