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 Mission Zero

In addition to the four rings, the production plants found at various points across the globe – in Ingolstadt, Brussels, the city of San Jose Chiapas in Mexico and Győr – also have a commitment to environmental protection in common.  Our Mission Zero programme comprises measures and additional aspirations that serve to reduce the company's ecological footprint in the fields of production and logistics. The programme focuses on priority areas, such as decarbonisation, water usage, resource efficiency and biodiversity.

We are very proud of the fact that after the Brussels plant, as of 1 January 2020 Audi Hungaria has also achieved total carbon neutrality.

Would you like to know how the world's largest engine factory, which produces close to 2 million engines and 160,000 cars each year, can operate carbon-neutrally?

Would you like to know how we utilise energy resources without exploiting Planet Earth?

Imagine an area the size of a small city, where sustainability permeates premium quality and innovative technology from all aspects.

Would you have thought that the world's largest engine factory is not just a workplace for 12,000 people, but also a home to flowery meadows, lakes, trees, bee families, dogs, frogs, rabbits, fish, as well as butterfly and insect species?

Would you have thought that in addition to the staff, the 36,400 solar cells installed on the roof of the two production halls also rejoice when the sun comes out?

We would like to show how we contribute to sustainable mobility through innovative solutions and the forward-thinking utilisation of resources.

Come with us and step into the world of carbon-neutrality, with the road leading to a cleaner and greener future.


The era of electro-mobility has arrived at our company as well. It is in this spirit that we manufacture electric drives, laying the foundation for a cleaner and greener future.

Thanks to the know-how and committed work our experts, our plug-in hybrid cars are now rolling off the production lines as flagships of a greener future, heralding in a new era of electro-mobility by Győr for the world.
Production technology, logistics

Production technology, logistics

Forward-thinking cycles.

Audi uses DB Cargo for carbon-neutral transport (green train) of components, engines and vehicles between its plants in Ingolstadt, Brussels and Győr. In 2021, the Aluminium Closed Loop project was launched, enabling aluminium to be recycled, thus contributing to a sustainable production.

Energy utilisation

Our goal: carbon neutrality.

Since 2020, there have been 36,372 solar cells bathing in sunshine on the oofs of our two logistics centres, on an area the size of 22 football pitches. With the involvement of E.On, our company has Europe's largest roof solar panel park which, in addition to filling us with pride, also contributes to total carbon neutrality by saving 4,900 tonnes of CO2.
Energy utilisation
Environmental protection

Environmental protection

We only have one planet, let's take care of it.

Our site is home to numerous plant and animal species. The roads connecting our production halls are often crossed by ducks, and the buzzing of bees on landscaped areas and the blooming trees show that they feel very much at home here. Members of six bee families keep busy and produce honey in our own apiary.

Smart hives for biodiversity
Smart hives for biodiversity - 2021. 05. 20.
Győr, 20 May 2021 – Audi Hungaria is committed to a more liveable, greener future, and is consistently progressing on the road to sustainability, considering the preservation of biodiversity a strategic objective. In this spirit, the Company (which has been carbon-neutral since 2020) has joined the "we4bee” initiative supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation, as part of which it has added a smart hive equipped with high-tech sensors to the apiary operating on the plant premises.


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