Győr lies exactly halfway between two metropolises Vienna and Budapest.

Since time immemorial, there has been a throbbing city life here: multi-coloured culture, industry with great traditions and rich commerce has been making the settlement attractive.

Győr lies in the northwestern corner of the Carpathian Basin, in the centre of Kisalföld (the Little Plain).

The characteristic nature of the city has been determined by its historical mission, the national offices and churches functioning here, as well as the traditions of local intellectual and cultural life. However, also the development of economy, commerce and industry has also been vital at all times for the settlement. The still-lasting dynamic development of industry has been helping the growth and prosperity of the entire settlement. Győr-Moson-Sopron County includes the areas of Kisalföld (the Little Plain), Alpokalja (the Feet of the Alps) and Bakonyalja (the Feet of the Bakony Mountains). The present-day county is an administrative unit born from the consolidation of the remainders of three old-time counties (Győr, Moson and Sopron).

The county is located in the corner of Northwestern Transdanubia, in the area of the Austrian and Slovakian borders. The special situation is further increased by the fact that the capitals of the neighbouring countries are so close to the borders that their cultural and economical catchment areas – subject to the permeability of the boundaries – cover a significant area of the county. The primary goal of creating the Győr International Industrial Park Kft was to settle foreign capital here. The park has been built in a 126-hectare area where real estates with full infrastructure await the investors.


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