“Responsibility for the future”: tree-planting scheme of Audi Hungaria

2019. 04. 29.

• Over 150 trees, including five new species, were planted by Audi Hungaria employees
• Achim Heinfling, managing director of Audi Hungaria said: “We are making conscious efforts to improve the environmental performance of our manufacturing site”
• Nearly 70% of the Audi Hungaria site consists of green areas

Győr, 29 April 2019 – Sustainability plays a key role in the corporate strategy of Audi Hungara, therefore in this spirit, the company organized a tree-planting event on Saturday with the motto of “Responsibility for the future”. The volunteers of Audi Hungaria planted over 150 trees within the factory site, thus contributing to biological diversity.

“As a responsible company, since the establishment of the factory, we have been actively contributing to the protection of natural resources as a responsibility that Audi Hungaria takes very seriously. The tree-planting event was a way for our employees to express how important maintaining natural habitats is for them,” said Achim Heinfling, managing director of Audi Hungaria. “In order to improve the environmental balance of our company, we are making conscious efforts to further improve the environmental performance of Audi Hungaria in the field of carbon-dioxide emissions, energy, water and waste management,” stressed Achim Heinfling.

Nearly 70% of the manufacturing site consists of green areas and has hosted several tree-planting schemes over the years, which are also a part of our future plans. The trees planted within the company premises are kept in a tree register.

AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. consistently pursues the strategic goal of reducing the environmental impact of its activities to the lowest possible level.

Audi Hungaria now produces over 70% of its heat from climate-neutral, geothermal energy sources. The company has one of Europe’s most environmentally-friendly paint shops. Audi Hungary recycles 99% of produced waste materials.

In 2018, the company introduced various measures to save nearly 27 GWh of energy, which amounts to the annual energy demand of nearly 13,000 households. A solar power plant with a peak output of 12 megawatts is being installed on the top of Audi Hungaria’s two logistical centres – spanning an area of nearly 160,000 square meters. The construction works of the solar power plant commence in August and according to plans, the production of renewable energy will begin by the end of this year.

The Audi Group intends to achieve the carbon-dioxide free operation of all its sites by 2030 at the latest. Audi Hungaria, however, intends to achieve this goal much earlier, thus significantly contributing to reducing the global impact of climate change.

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