A new manager in charge of vehicle manufacturing at Audi Hungaria

2019. 07. 01.

• Zoltán Les is the new vehicle manufacturing manager from 1 July
• The former manager, Arnd-Robert Sponagel, is returning to the AUDI AG centre, and taking over management of vehicle manufacturing in Ingolstadt

Győr, 1 July 2019 - Zoltán Les is the new member of the AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. board in charge of vehicle manufacture. He is transferring from the Audi Hungaria analysis and pre-series centre, where he assists the preparation for quantity production of the Győr models. With a qualification in engineering, Zoltán Les has been a strength of the Audi Hungaria team for 22 years.

"Zoltán Les is familiar with vehicle manufacture in Győr down to the tiniest details, as he has made significant contributions to the development of vehicle manufacture since the beginnings. His many years of experience are of great help to the company, so that in the future it can meet the challenges of the transformation process underway the vehicle industry", said Achim Heinfling, chairman of the AUDI HUNGARY Zrt. board.

Zoltán Les was born in Pécs in 1971, he graduated as a mechanical engineer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He began his career in 1997 as a standard series designer in Audi Hungaria's vehicle assembly shop, where as a first, production of the Audi TT began in 1998. He took over management of the vehicle assembly shop in 2000, then switched to Ingolstadt in 2008, where he performed managerial duties in the area of vehicle manufacture. He returned to Audi Hungaria in 2010, as manager of the assembly shop, logistics and pre-series fields. When the vehicle plant with full manufacturing scope opened in 2013, he was directing the vehicle assembly shop. He managed the analysis and pre-series centre from 2016. Zoltán Les is married, he has two daughters.

Zoltán Les replaces Arnd-Robert Sponagel in the position of board member in charge of vehicle manufacture, who will return to Ingolstadt as manager of vehicle manufacture. Under the leadership of Arnd-Robert Sponagel, the quantity production of the new Audi TT RS, the Audi RS 3 Limousine, as well as the first Győr SUV, the Audi Q3, was launched at Audi Hungaria.

Achim Heinfling thanks Arnd-Robert Sponagel for his dedicated work: "Sponagel worked for the development of vehicle manufacture in Győr with great enthusiasm. With his team, he successfully launched quantity production of the Audi Q3, thus giving a new boost to vehicle manufacture in Győr. In the future, the concern will make use of his expertise in the manufacture of Audi models in Ingolstadt.

At present, the A3 Cabriolet, the TT Coupé and Roadster, as well as the Q3 models, are produced by 4 000 employees in Audi Hungaria vehicle manufacture. Cars from Győr reach more than 90 countries worldwide. The quantity production of a further Q model, the Audi Q3 Sportback will soon begin in Audi Hungaria.

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