Good for environment and workers: new sealing technique at Audi Hungaria’s paint shop

2019. 09. 12.

• Sealant application made easier by new, innovative procedure
• Precise application reduces the amount of material used and the total weight of the car
• A more ergonomically efficient environment for workers

Győr, 12 september 2019 – A new car body sealing technique is being tested at Audi Hungaria’s paint shop. To improve the car’s acoustic characteristics, protect the car from corrosion and ensure leak-tightness for the vehicle’s internal compartments, the car body’s joints are sealed before painting. The new technique makes it possible to precisely control the thickness and width of the each seal, enabling quicker application of the sealant, with accuracy to the millimetre.

“Progress through technology means that Audi keeps setting up new standards not only by its products but also in its manufacturing technology” – Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA, Achim Heinfling said. “Our paint shop is already among the most innovative and environment preserving facilities in Europe. The new technique is a ground breaking solution, setting an example for the Group’s other plants.”

The new automated technique is referred to as “Digital Sealing”: a robot-controlled applicator attaches the sealant precisely and reliably in the form of precisely shaped beads to the car body surface, producing high quality sealing. The thickness and width of the material applied are programmed by highly trained operators. This precision minimises material loss and the reduced material use cuts the car’s total weight by several kilograms – and every kilogram saved improves driving dynamics and reduces CO2 emission.

Employees also benefit from the new technology, through significantly improved ergonomic conditions at work. This applies, in particular, to parts that cannot be reached easily but are also subject to high quality standards regarding leakproofness. Moreover, the work processes concerned have so far demanded a lot of experience and been ergonomically difficult for our workers, for example where they had to work overhead on the chassis or when sealing the rear lamp seats. So Audi and Atlas Copco, its partner in development projects, are testing this technique for the first time on a commercial manufacturing unit at Audi Hungaria’s paint shop.

The new automated technique saves time as well and the precise application of the material makes seals look nicer too. The technique, whose patenting is under way, is bound to be adopted by other plants of the Group as well.


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