A Debut In Hungary: Audi Hungaria Launches The Series Production Of The Mild-Hybrid Models

2019. 12. 05.

• For the first time the Q3 family comes with electric engines
• As Chairperson of the Management Board Alfons Dintner said: “This is a really important milestone on our journey to e-mobility.”
• Our production personnel have obtained the necessary e-competences

“Audi Hungaria is now in the electric age, in all facets of our operations. Just like the engines produced here, now the vehicles coming off our lines are also electric. We take pride in the fact that these Q3 & Q3 Sportback models with MHEV Technology are in a way milestones in the history of Hungarian vehicle production: these are the first electric vehicles ever produced in this country. We have provided the production staff with the e-competences required for the production of these models, so we can safely claim we are prepared for the challenges future has in store for us” – Chairperson of the Management Board of AUDI HUNGARIA ZRT Alfons Dintner revealed.

These Q3 models are the first ones in the history of Audi Hungaria with hybrid power trains. The production facility has been configured and the personnel have obtained the necessary e-competences for the production of these hybrid models. In the chassis shop the models will receive a new type of floor pan which will house the battery. Three new work stations have been integrated into the assembly shop for the installation of the special e-parts of the vehicles: the 12 & 48-volt systems, the 48-volt Li-ion battery and the DC-/-DC converter.

The production personnel have been trained for the operation of the high-voltage equipment. The automobile production staff have obtained and have been mastering the execution of the MHEV-specific processes as well as their knowledge base regarding electric vehicle technology. With the new competences these colleagues obtained we can safely call them e-experts. A comprehensive fire protection concept has been created with the expert participation of the company’s own fire department, which concept covers all aspects of the production process from the reception of the batteries all the way to their installation.

With the Audi Q3 & Q3 Sportback models the MHEV Technology is built upon a 48-volt onboard circuit. This 48-volt onboard circuit is connected to the 12-volt onboard subcircuit by a DC-/DC converter. The generated energy is stored by a compact Li-ion battery. The front side of the combustion engine houses a starter generator which is connected to the crankshaft by a heavy duty tooth belt. In the deceleration phases of the vehicle’s movement this belt-driven generator can recuperate and feed into the storage battery as much as 12kW of power, while in the low-rev acceleration phases it supports the engine. The technology allows for a reduction in the fuel consumption of up to 0.4 litres per 100km in realistic driving environments.

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