Audi Hungaria: Quality Assurance is of Utmost Importance

2020. 09. 07.

• Many innovative tools in the quality assurance
• Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria:
"Our goal is to have one hundred percent reliable cars coming off the production lines. To achieve this, we use new technologies in the field of quality assurance.”

Győr, September 7. 2020 – Audi Hungaria attaches great importance to the production of high-quality, innovative products. To ensure that flawless and one hundred percent reliable cars roll off the production line in Győr, the quality assurance staff uses a range of innovative tools and technologies.


"As a premium manufacturer, one of our essential tasks is to impress our customers with impeccable quality products. Quality assurance accompanies the entire production process, and maximum compliance with quality requirements plays a central role, which we control with a range of innovative tools," said Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria. The Haptik robot is used in the vehicle production's e-lab for quality assurance to test the feeling of comfort in vehicle interiors. It basically replaces the human finger. It can be used to test a variety of push, toggle, tilt and turn switches. One example is the center console of the Audi TT, which also has tilt, turn and push buttons. The measuring robot contains a special torque sensor and a special Haptik measuring tool. These can be used to simulate the behavior of human hands, skin and muscles when touching, pressing or turning a component.


Buyers rightly expect a premium manufacturer to ensure that the individual parts of a car fit together perfectly, down to the tenth of a millimeter. In the past, this was achieved only with contact measuring devices. In the last decade, however, the optical measurement technology, also known as non-contact measurement, has gained acceptance. This allows components to be digitized and evaluated by software.

Optical measurement technology can be used to build the entire body of a car digitally, allowing them to simulate the characteristics of joints and gap dimensions. From the obtained data, they can assemble the most optimal solution for series production.

The hardware part of optical measurement technology is a sensor that captures images of the components. The sensor's light source uses a fringe projection method to scan the geometry of the parts, and a digitized image of the test specimen is displayed on the computer.


The car completed in the vehicle production, can take off to the customer by road, rail or ship after several quality tests. The final filter is the test track at Audi Hungaria. Here, the car undergoes not only a visual but also a diagnostic test. The latter was previously solved with a traditional connection, a cable between the car and the device.

Thanks to the staff at Audi Hungaria, the connection is no longer made in the traditional way, but via WI-FI. This required a stable WI-FI connection, which is not available in everyday life, works stably and does not fail for a single second. Otherwise, the test is interrupted and the diagnosis starts all over again.

Developed after months of planning and programming, with the help of the super stable WI-FI, the employee performing the visual inspection on the test track doesn't even have to get out of the car, the diagnostic test runs by itself. In this way, they gain several minutes per car, which is a huge time saver when hundreds of cars are tested per day.  


The company's quality assurance system was developed on the basis of the EN ISO 9001 standard of the International Organization for Standardization and the VDA 6.1 requirements system. Quality assurance is responsible for the quality control processes of the finished drives and vehicles. To this end, a series of quality tests are carried out to ensure first-class quality for all Győr products.

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