In pursuit of the colours in Audi Hungaria’s paint shop

2021. 05. 31.

Audi Hungaria produces more than 150,000 cars a year, and the premium quality of these cars can depend on “a hair’s breadth”, as the thickness of the layers applied to each body in the company’s paint shop - phosphate layer, cathodic dip, filler and primer paint, basecoat and colourless paint - is only about 120 µm, which is even thinner than a single human hair.

Győr, 31 May 2021 -

The raw bodywork is delivered from the body shop to the 43,000 m2 paint shop, where the bodywork of the TT Coupé, TT Roadster, Q3 and Q3 Sportback is currently being painted so as to make them resistant to environmental effects, meeting both functional requirements (e.g. protection against stone chipping and UV radiation) and customer preferences regarding the exterior (colour tone stability, texture).


In order to prepare the bodywork for these challenges, Audi Hungaria’s specialists apply a total of four different coats of paint to coat the bodywork on a production line of more than 300 metres, using dipping baths and robots. First, the raw bodywork is dusted and degreased during pre-treatment, then corrosion protection is provided by cathodic dip painting. The next step is to seal the seams. Next, the application of the filler and primer paints can begin, followed by the application of the final, colouring basecoat. The coating process is subsequently completed by adding a colourless topcoat. The corrosion protection process is completed with cavity protection, where hot wax is applied to the hollow parts of the bodywork. This not only makes the bodywork resistant to the effects of weather, but also makes the paintwork durable and long-lasting.


It takes nearly eight hours to paint a body, with up to 750 bodies completed a day in the paint shop in a wide range of colours. Audi Hungaria produces its models in a total of 16 basic colours, but imagination is the only limit, as the paint shop can also produce individual colours, which can even be selected from the nail varnish palette for ladies or the tie colour palette for gentlemen. The most common colours on the production line are mythical black, glacier white and ibis white. During the painting process, the bodies travel approximately 6.5 kilometres along the hall’s conveyor belt. The applied coatings increase the weight of the body by about 25 kilograms.


Audi Hungaria’s paint shop is one of the most innovative and environmentally friendly shops in Europe: the Digital Sealing process was first introduced at the painting shop in Győr among the plants of the Volkswagen Group. Thanks to the dry separation technology in the paint booths, significant water savings can be achieved, thus contributing to the company’s CO2neutrality. For more information about the colours of Audi models, please follow the official Audi Hungaria Győr Facebook page and the hashtag #coloursofGyőr.

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