Audi Hungaria moves into uncharted waters

2022. 06. 14.

Győr, June 14, 2022 – Audi Hungaria announces today that it will support Győr Water Sports Association’s kayak-canoe division, Staféta Student Sports Association, EMBERsÉG Association, and the “House of Providence” of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. With these new partnerships, the four-ring company will support not only professional but also recreational sport and sporting opportunities for people with disabilities.

“As a responsible company, Audi Hungaria is committed to supporting the cultural and sporting life of the region and delighted to fund social initiatives. This motivation stems from our company values, as—through our nearly 12,000 employees—we are actively participating in our local community. I believe that it is of paramount importance to support not only competitive but also recreational sports, as the latter enhances our quality of life, helps maintain our physical and mental health, and gives us strength and dignity. We are very happy to help our fellow citizens with disabilities to participate in sports, so that they can also have access to activities that bring joy, build communities and maintain health,” said Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Human Resources and Organization.

The Győr Water Sports Association is the most successful sports club in Győr-Moson-Sopron County and the city of Győr. For decades, its kayak-canoe division has been one of the most successful in the country, with Olympic champions and dozens of athletes winning world and European championships.
“The fact that the region’s number one company, AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. supported our investments have always meant a lot for us, as in 1999 the company financed the construction of the finish line tower for the World Marathon Championships in Győr, and a few years ago the establishment of our street workout park. Now that Audi Hungaria has decided to treat recreational and competitive sports as equal, and provide support to our association on that basis, we can show even more people that kayaking, canoeing, dragon boating or stand-up-paddling can offer great opportunities and are accessible to everyone,” said Róbert Weisz, head of the kayak-canoe division of the Győr Water Sports Association.

The Staféta Student Sports Association is active in providing opportunities in the areas of sports, competitions, training camps and recreational camps for young people with mental disabilities within the framework of the Hungarian Special Olympics. In 2019, the Association’s athletes achieved outstanding results at the Special Olympics Summer World Games. The next Special Olympics Summer World Games will be held in Berlin in 2023, for which several athletes of the Association have already qualified.
“Our Association now promotes sport for disadvantaged and multiply disadvantaged young people with mental disabilities in eight sports. Raising the necessary funds has always been a challenge for us. Travels to competitions, meals, personal equipment, protective gear and the purchase of high-value tools can now be financed due to the support from AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt.,” emphasized Mónika Szünstein, President of Staféta Student Sports Association.

The aim of EMBERsÉG Association is to create opportunities for students and adults with disabilities in Győr-Moson-Sopron County to experience the joy and health-preserving effects of exercising in both competitive and recreational sports. “Thanks to the support, the realization of our long-held dreams will be accelerated: we will be able to buy sports and other equipment for the children participating in our competitive system, as well as for our colleagues who have been doing their job selflessly and with the utmost dedication for decades. But I think that the support will help our work not only financially, but also morally. The world’s leading automotive company is setting a good example for others, not only in the field of innovation, but also in social responsibility by paying attention to the world of people with disabilities,” said Tamás Kertész, President of EMBERsÉG Association.

The “House of Providence” Day Care Center for the Disabled, operated by the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, provides day care for people with disabilities living in Győr and the surrounding municipalities. The aim of the institution is to relieve the burden on families and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, expanding their living space.
“We will use the financial support to buy special bicycles and related accessories and sports equipment. By riding bicycles, our service users living with disabilities will be able to exercise outdoors and try new cycling routes. Thanks to the special bikes, the people with reduced mobility using our day care services can travel longer distances with their peers. Cycling together also has a community-building effect, as people with similar disabilities can encourage each other, their general mood improves, they open up and experience success,” added Szilvia Kálóczi, the acting head of the “House of Providence” Day Care Center for the Disabled.

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