Visit the Factory


Dear Visitors,

The Audi Hungaria Visitor Centre invites you on a tour of the factory. We'll give you an insight into the secrets of an international  company's production.

Wenn planning your visit, please note that the vehicle assembly process is closed to visitors for the rest of the year due to prototype protection.

Our tours are available from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) as follows:






Standard Factory Tour



Standard Factory Tour


Registration for factory tours is only possible using the online interface. An automatic email confirming successful registration will be sent to the email address provided. If such confirmation is not received please immediately contact our colleagues at the Visitor Center ().

When signing up, please consider the following information:

  • It is the visitor's responsibility to make arrangements for transportation to the factory (9027 Győr, Kardán utca 1.) and to obtain the relevant information about it.

  • For safety reasons, those between 12 and 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult (parent, guardian, teacher, family member etc.).
  • Children aged below 12 may not enter the factory premises even with an accompanying adult.

  • At the request of our staff members, underage visitors (below 18) may be prohibited from entering the operations area unless they are able to produce evidence of their age using a valid student ID or other photographic personal identification document in English (e.g. passport, green ISIC card). Please note that in such instances we are not able to provide supervision.

  • The recommended maximum group size is 25 people.

  • As a rule, no changes to the language of the tour may be requested, but in the event there is a request to change the language, or there are plans to bring an interpreter and the language of the tour is different from the language the interpreter translates from, the applicable tariffs and possibilities must be agreed with the Visitor Centre in advance before registration.

  • All special requirements for particular dates, or languages different from the published ones, will automatically be charged at a special or group price. These requirements and requests will be approved or rejected by the Visitor Centre on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the tour rules and the safety requirements, depending on occupancy.

  • For groups larger than 10 people, any change to the size of the group must be notified by email to the Visitor Centre at least 7 calendar days in advance of the tour date, otherwise a participation fee based on the group size provided during registration will be charged.

  • Cancellations received within 7 days before the tour date will not be considered and the participation fee based on the group size provided during registration will be charged.

  • Audi Hungaria reserves the right to change the date, duration and content of the factory tours, or to even cancel factory tours entirely, to ensure that production is not affected. Audi Hungaria excludes all liability for any resulting claims for damages.


Payment may only be made by cash (HUF) or card (Visa, Mastercard) at the venue. Please note that discussion via the phone with our colleagues is not considered an offer, and any changes upon your request in the program will be agreed on exclusively in a written form via e-mail ().

Entrance fees





(Over 18, accompanying adult, teacher)

HUF 900/person

Free only for tour leaders/tour guides who translate for the group. Prior consultation is required.


(full-time students, people with disabilities)

HUF 500/person

The student discount is available to foreign students only upon presentation of a valid green ISIC card.


Further information


  • Please follow the house rules and the guide's instructions at all times.

  • Walking on the factory premises is only permitted using the designated route and only with a colleague of the Visitor Center. It is not allowed to leave or break away from the group.

  • It is strictly forbidden to make videos, voice recordings or take photos on the factory premises. In line with our house rules, no bags, cameras, phones or other technological devices are allowed on the factory premises. The Visitor Centre has lockers to store devices and bags during the tour.
  • Violation of the tour rules may result in exclusion from the tour.

  • Most of our tour routes are wheelchair-accessible. However, visitors in wheelchairs are asked to indicate when they will arrive in a separate email following registration to facilitate arrangements for bus transportation and efficient transfer.

  • Our tours require participants to be in an average physical condition as they involve approximately 2 kilometres of walking (1.24 miles).

  • Visitors with a pacemaker should note that the electromagnetic field of some of the factory equipment may interfere with this device.

  • No hot meals are served anywhere on the premises of the factory or the Visitor Centre.

  • Smoking is only allowed outside the factory, in designated areas.

  • Please read our House Rules and Policy carefully.




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