Vehicle-simulator system at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with the cooperation of Audi Hungaria

2011. 11. 22.

• Audi TT for educational and simulation purposes at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)
• Richárd Rozman, the Director of HR of Audi Hungaria: “We support training and research at a high level with the simulator system.”
• Prof. Dr. Béla Kulcsár, BME’s Dean of the Department of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering: “ Students will get within reach of the latest technology.“
• Partnership ties with BME since 2003

As of today, various simulations can be implemented at BME’s Department of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering: AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. has provided the University with an Audi TT; via the cooperation of the University and the company, a special vehicle-simulator system has been installed into the motorcar. With this equipment, students, instructors and professors alike may gather experience for their studies and scientific research.

“This is a conscious investment in the future. The vehicle simulator system is an excellent tool for students, enabling them to receive high level education and thereby establish a proper foundation for their future careers. Well-trained engineers are particularly sought after at our company”, said Richárd Rozman, the Director of HR of Audi Hungaria.

At the Audi TT test vehicle base, BME’s Department of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering has developed a special vehicle-simulator system. The simulator assists vehicle engineering students in the field of intelligent vehicle research.

“The reason why I consider a programme like the development of the Audi TT-based vehicle simulator important is because it simultaneously strengthens education and research at the Department of Traffic and Vehicle Engineering. Students get within reach of the latest technology, while they learn the model-based design of the drive train in a “playful” environment.

For researchers, direct cooperation with vehicle manufacturers may open up new vistas within the continuously growing Hungarian motor vehicle industry segment”, said Prof. Dr. Béla Kulcsár, the Dean of the faculty.

A modern vehicle was used as the foundation for the driver’s cabin of the simulator. One can change the operational mode between simulator and normal vehicle at the push of a button. Real-life driving situations can be simulated with the vehicle. This is how the engine sound can be heard and among other values, RPM, speed, and coolant temperature can be monitored. This is a particularly useful resource for the development of the drive train components of the vehicle.

Audi Hungaria has been a BME partner since 2003. Consequently, the vehicle manufacturer and the renowned institution of higher education work together on several research projects. In addition to the training of engineers, engine analyses and computer simulations, the application and development of new testing methods also gets an important role to play.

By 2013, Audi Hungaria will expand into a vehicle manufacturer encompassing the entire manufacturing process. The company offers jobs and opportunities for growth to graduates from technical universities. They are particularly eager to receive applications from mechanical and traffic and vehicle engineers. Additionally, the company offers 350 trainee positions to interested university students annually.

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