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Testing in Extreme Weather Conditions at Audi Hungaria

2018. 06. 21.

• A new climatic chamber for extreme tests ranging from -40 to +80 degrees centigrade
• Achim Heinfling, Chairman of the Board of Management: “We further enhance our testing competence in Győr.”

Győr, 21 June 2018—The Antarctica and the Sahara moved in to Audi Hungaria: from now on, a new climatic chamber is available to Hungarian engineers for thermic tests, which allows them to test vehicles and parts in extreme conditions. Any Győr-made model can be tested in this new climatic chamber in a temperature range of -40 to +80 degrees centigrade.

“With this climatic chamber we created an opportunity to test our vehicles in extreme temperatures and thus we further enhanced our testing competence”, Achim Heinfling, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt said. Quality Assurance experts also test the Győr-made models in a cutting-edge testing lab, at the internal test track and in the wind tunnel, just to mention a few.

The climatic chamber of Audi Hungaria can simulate extreme thermal scenarios from tropical heat to arctic frost. This allows them to test the vehicles in weather conditions that actually exist for example in China, India or Russia. In the past, these tests were performed in cooperation with other sites of the Concern in Ingolstadt or Bratislava.

Audi Hungaria’s own climatic chamber was made by a Hungarian manufacturer in six months. The new technology enables 300 testing days a year and several test programs including a testing cycle in which a vehicle or part is cooled down from a temperature of +80 degrees centigrade and 80% humidity to -40 degrees centigrade in 12 hours.

Beside the present product range (Audi A3 Limousine and Cabriolet and Audi TT Coupé and Roadster), in the future, Audi Hungaria experts can also test the new premium compact SUV, the Q3 model (to be manufactured in Győr) in the new climatic chamber.

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