Portfolio of the Technical Development

Acoustic brake test bench Acoustic brake test bench
Spinning parts testing centrifuge Spinning parts testing centrifuge
Driving system application Driving system application
Roller brake test bench Roller brake test bench
Climate cabin Climate cabin
Acoustic hall Acoustic hall

"Our Technical Development is a key pillar of Audi Hungaria and, at the same time, also plays a central role in the worldwide development network of the Audi and Volkswagen Groups. Our aim is to provide even more high-quality services to Volkswagen Group, which is why we are constantly expanding our competences and intensively developing this innovative field that holds such key significance for the future."

Alfons Dintner

Chairman of the Board of Management

Alfons Dintner




  • 16/03/23

    Aaaaaand action! Behind the scenes at Technical Development

    Over the course of two days at Technical Development, we will see extreme temperature conditions, climactic vehicle test benches, soundproofed units and rotors spun to br...
  • 15/03/23

    We work on development so we can all develop Innovations we can be proud of

    Digitalisation, automatisation, sustainability – all concepts that are an integral part of everyday life at Audi Hungaria. It is our objective to make our wide range of a...
  • 10/09/21

    Audi Hungaria celebrates 20 years of Technical Development and gives a glimpse into the future

    Győr’s Technical Development unit has been actively shaping the mobility of the future for two decades now Continued expansion with a double-digit EUR million investment...

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