Audi Hungaria - The Company


Just a few kilometres from the beautiful baroque centre of Győr, close to the eastern edge of the city, and just a few hundred metres from Audi Aréna's celebrated handball matches, the world-famous four-ring symbol is a sure sign: we are home.

Audi Hungaria, one of the largest Hungarian companies, is a key economic player in the country; it is the flagship of the Hungarian automotive industry.

What Audi does and represents in Hungary today goes beyond all prior expectations and plans.

Although we began engine manufacturing with just a handful of people, we have now evolved into the world's largest engine manufacturing plant with more than 8,000 engines produced every day in our 5 million sqm plant for various models of Volkswagen group brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and Lamborghini.

The first car produced in Győr was followed by many premium Audi models since 1998, and now owners of the latest Audi TT and Audi Q3 vehicles can proudly say that it is not only the heart of their cars that comes from Győr, but the entire vehicle reflects the expertise and hard work of our Hungarian colleagues.

Since 2001, the plant has had its own technical development centre, where our experienced, accomplished, and dedicated specialists are developing solutions towards a more efficient future.

Since 2005, Győr also boasts one of the largest tool factories in Central Europe, producing tools and production equipment for almost all Audi sites, as well as parts that can be discovered on the bodywork of the Lamborghini Aventador or the Porsche Panamera —that is, if you are lucky enough to see one. Their spirit is captured in their slogan "Precision with passion.”

Since 2013, the plant covers the entire product chain of vehicle manufacturing —thanks to the knowledge and experience of our colleagues, their passion for work, and their commitment to the company, which make Audi Hungaria one of the most successful companies in Hungary.