Next Level Gallery: Powertrain Production

We all start small. But look at us now! Driven by passion, courage, daring, competitiveness and expertise, we followed our dreams and made history. Join us on a journey to discover the pillars of Audi Hungaria’s portfolio, looking back to the past, experiencing the present and wondering about the future!

We are heading towards production hall G10 of Audi Hungaria, and from a distance, we can already sense that our excitement is not unfounded, something really extraordinary is in the making. We are already accustomed to Audi Hungaria celebrating things with due respect for its employees, partners and customers, bringing together the best of the cultural life of Győr (the home town of the company), including the wind players of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra and the dancers of the world-famous Győr Ballet. There was reason to celebrate as the 30-year-old host reached another major milestone on the road to electromobility, launching the series production of the new generation of electric motors (Premium Platform Electric, PPE) in Győr.


In addition to the opening ceremony, guests were also treated to a NEXT LEVEL GALLERY where they could walk through and get a better understanding of the extensive and rich portfolio of Audi Hungaria, founded in 1993 and now a major player in the automotive industry. With its powertrain and vehicle production, tool shop, technical development and premium services for the Volkswagen Group, Audi Hungaria has developed into the largest foreign site of AUDI AG.

We are exploring the interactive exhibition space of the NEXT LEVEL GALLERY with six stands to understand the past, present and future with experts and learn about the pillars of the company.

Powertrain production

Time travel starts right back in 1993! I can promise you right now that we will not be nostalgic for the past, as the Audi TT RS and Audi Q8 e-tron models gleaming at the first stand with their power units on display definitely show that powertrain production is the area that has been a stable pillar of Audi Hungaria for the past 30 years, and that its performance has dictated development, laid the foundation for the creation of a portfolio of products and services that has now expanded to a global level, and provided invaluable experiences.

It’s not just the cars on display that sparkle, but also Tamás Zakor’s eyes, as he tells us how engine manufacturing, now turned into powertrain production, has been practically intertwined with his life for the last 25 years. Tamás now works in a specialized area of powertrain production, i.e. MAC, where he and his engineers are designing the powertrains of the future.


What does powertrain production mean for Audi Hungaria today and what does the future hold?

One of the strategic pillars of NEXT LEVEL is our product portfolio where e-motors are clearly the future, alongside vehicle manufacturing. The internal combustion engine will be with us for the next 10 years, so it is still in intense development today; this means that although our attention is focused on the electric transformation, the future is still based on the internal combustion engine, which is still largely in production today. In the meantime, we are building the knowledge of the future, building on our competencies to be at the forefront of this much talked about electric future here in Győr.

What are the competencies that make Audi Hungaria’s powertrain production outstanding?

I would like to highlight the reliability, dependability, loyalty and commitment of our staff at the production lines, which I have experienced throughout my 21 years here. For the last four years, I have been working with colleagues who have come to us from the world of electrical engineering and have theoretical knowledge that they can put into practice and pass on to us mechanical engineers, who are embarking on the e-transformation journey now. My own example shows that this process is very difficult and that lifelong learning is fully justified, as I have also completed a course in electric powertrain engineering at Széchenyi István University in recent years. As mechanical engineers, we need to renew ourselves and update our knowledge of the electrical world. Here at Audi Hungaria we have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge at a technological level in which our company is investing a lot. This is why our trainee training is important as well.


What interesting content do you have for the visitors and staff at your stand?

Our stand shows the process of transformation, the beginning of time travel, the present and the future. We have brought the third generation of our first vehicle, the TT RS quattro in an anniversary limited edition, to which almost all our staff have a family connection; and we also present the R5 power unit that drives the TT. Next to it you can see the Q8 e-tron, whose electric CBEV powertrain is also manufactured by us.

We have only started to explore the NEXT LEVEL GALLERY with the powertrain production, stay tuned for more episodes!



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