• 14/09/23

    Body shop: this one already looks like a car

    In the first part of our series, giving an insight into the Audi TT production from alpha to omega, Viktor Montag guided us through the press shop, where we got to see an...
  • 30/08/23

    How is it made? We have uncovered the secrets of the Audi TT

    It always piques the interest of the inner child inside the adult to learn about the making of a device, the factory itself, the myth of ‘how it is made’. This is especia...
  • 30/06/23

    25 fun facts you did not know about Audi TT

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of our iconic Audi TT. It is a great opportunity to gather interesting facts about the model, behind-the-scenes production details, a...
  • 26/06/23

    Festival season is underway

    Berlin – Győr – Although the title is a bit pretentious, it’s true to say that the festival season has started. Our colleague Dr. András Torma, Audi Hungaria’s Environmen...
  • 16/03/23

    The new Audi Q8 e-tron

    “The icon has been reborn. At Audi, the e-tron is a symbol of electromobility, as it was with this model that the brand embarked on its path of transformation in 2018. No...
  • 16/03/23

    Aaaaaand action! Behind the scenes at Technical Development

    Over the course of two days at Technical Development, we will see extreme temperature conditions, climactic vehicle test benches, soundproofed units and rotors spun to br...
  • 15/03/23

    We work on development so we can all develop Innovations we can be proud of

    Digitalisation, automatisation, sustainability – all concepts that are an integral part of everyday life at Audi Hungaria. It is our objective to make our wide range of a...
  • 14/03/23


    Vehicle production in Győr will soon be moving up a gear: from 2024, the cars of a new brand will be manufactured from start to finish at the Audi Hungaria plant. The pre...
  • 22/02/23


    …97, 98, 99, 100. A 100 per cent manufactured-in-Győr RS Q3 equipped with a five-cylinder engine arrives down the line, coming to a halt with a screech of rubber. We imme...
  • 01/02/23

    The new paths of our heritage

    What is the link between the seemingly remote worlds of gastronomy and automotive production? An innovative approach based on strong traditions and ensuring the very high...



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