Nóra Ördög: “It’s amazing how Audi Hungaria is like a city within the city”

In the factory hall, decked out in a festive robe, we talked to Nóra Ördög, who, as the host of our “Celebration of More” event and also a brand ambassador, shared her impressions and experiences with Audi Hungaria. What do the presenter and our company have in common? Among other things, we discussed this behind the scenes of our 30th anniversary event on 7 November.

Nóra Ördög felt at home in the hustle and bustle of the production hall. “The Audi community welcomes me on such occasions. I often speak in the first person plural, as if I worked here. I’ve already had a taste of the corporate culture as a presenter at the Millenáris birthday event, but this is only my second visit to the factory, including yesterday’s rehearsal. My mouth has been hanging open in awe ever since.


I can’t imagine a better venue for the event than this beautiful and high-tech hall. I would also like to highlight the professional organization, as it is always a great pleasure to see when the details are properly thought out and arranged, allowing me to contribute my own area of expertise,” said the host, who became a brand ambassador of Porsche Hungaria in October 2022, and since then has experienced day by day that it is about much more than “getting into a car and having some nice shots taken”.

“At Audi Hungaria and while driving, I immediately feel that Audi stands for much more than simply cars. The spirit that surrounds the whole brand is fantastic,” pointed out the presenter, who, having arrived in an Audi Q7, has always enjoyed driving and seems to have it in her genes to be constantly on the road.


“My father had a driving school all his life. Now retired, he still has a passion for cars. He drives calm and safe on the roads. It’s practically what I’ve grown into... I think that, just like him, I’m good at assessing situations. I drive dynamically and I never panic,” said Nóra Ördög, who believes that a car can also hold intangible value.

“As a family, we are on the road a lot, so it’s important how we spend our time in the car. For me, a car is also a living space: it can become a workplace when needed, or even a make-up room or a playground. I can only speak of our car with love,” stressed the presenter, who, like our company, believes in constant renewal and multifaceted professional activity. It is not by chance that she quoted the motto “Audi Hungaria is More”.


“While in the life of such a large organization, I think it is a very conscious decision to have more than one string to the bow, partly because of changes in the industry, in my life, this versatility comes more instinctively. What I have to prepare myself for, of course, is that my career in television may not last forever. But even so, my life has taken quite a few alternative directions in recent years, and now I feel secure that I can rely on them. It’s a great feeling to create in a safe environment, as presenting and hosting is my real field, but it is complemented nicely by content creation, vlogging, our business ‘Nekem a Balaton’ and the Nora Beauty make-up collection,” concluded the host of our event.



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