An exceptional donation center opened in Győr, Hungary with the help of Audi Hungaria

Győr, October 5, 2023 – In the spirit of cooperation: a Donation Center called “Fogadó” (Lodge) opened its gates within the framework of a cooperation between Audi Hungaria, the Győr Family and Child Welfare Services Center, the Győr Unified Health and Social Institute and the Győr Homeless Assistance Service Center, managing donations at a municipal level. The building, made available by the city, was renovated with the financial support of Audi Hungaria and the physical work of its colleagues as part of the Audi Social Day organized by the company in June this year. In addition, Audi Hungaria's logistics experts helped to set up the center by providing software and know-how to help organize and store the donations. In the future, “Fogadó” will function as a centralized point for the distribution of donations in the city of Győr, where volunteers will receive the donations for the needy, which will be sorted using the software developed by Audi Hungaria and distributed to social institutions according to the needs that arise. The center was inaugurated today in a ceremony by Rita Rákosi-Tóth, Director of the Győr Family and Child Welfare Services Center, Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Human Resources and Organization, Gábor Nemes, Director of the Győr Homeless Assistance Service Center, Robert Buttenhauser, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Powertrain Production as the professional sponsor of the project, Dr. Elza Perger, Deputy Mayor of Győr and Róbert Kányai, Director of the Győr Unified Health and Social Institute.

“Fogadó is the physical manifestation of an innovative project where professional social work meets corporate responsibility and volunteering. It is more than just a place where you can take the things you do not need or no longer use. It helps to provide direct in-kind support for people in crisis, the organizing and implementation of fundraising programs for a wider target group, tailored to the needs of the deprived. It helps organizations, institutions and legal entities take up and target their initiatives in terms of social responsibility. By volunteering, the donor becomes an active participant in social aid work. In the long run, we would like this center to become part of the city's blood circulation, to be full of life, where people who can afford and wish to donate can do so and those in need can ask for help with dignity,” said Rita Rákosi-Tóth, Director of the Győr Family and Child Welfare Services Center.

“We are committed to the community in our region and have a decades-long tradition of supporting social initiatives. Thanks to this, we have implemented numerous volunteer programs over the 30 years of Audi Hungaria's existence. I am grateful that the centralized donation center has been created as a result of the voluntary work of our employees, which has taken our company's social responsibility to a higher level and is an exemplary cooperation between the social institutions of the city of Győr. Special thanks go to our colleagues in powertrain logistics for contributing their expertise to the center. I am glad that we are helping those who need it the most: it is a special opportunity to use the power of the community to do something for the region and the people living there,” said Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Human Resources and Organization.


Donations including groceries, storable items, hygiene products, clothes and furniture are welcome at the center, which has been converted into an area similar to a production line in Kodály Zoltán út in Győr. “Fogadó” also welcomes volunteers, along with the BA in Social Work students of the Apáczai Csere János Faculty of Pedagogy, Humanities and Social Sciences at Széchenyi István University, who will spend their internship at the center.

Audi Hungaria, as the largest employer in the region, plays a key role in society and, as a responsible company, is a regular supporter of the region's social and health institutions, organizations, sports and cultural life, and runs a number of community initiatives to improve the quality of life of local residents. On the Social Day volunteering day organized by the company, hundreds of Audi employees implemented five major projects in the Győr region, including the founding of the Győr Donation Center and the development of the donation management system.

In the spirit of social responsibility, the company is a committed supporter of the kayak-canoe division of the Győr Water Sports Association, the “Staféta” (Baton) Student Sports Association, the EMBERsÉG DSE and the Providence House of the Maltese Charity Service. Through these partnerships, Audi Hungaria supports not only competitive sports but also recreational sports and sports for people with disabilities.



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