Audi Hungaria’s students have been showered with awards at the “Szakma Sztár” (Star of the Profession) professional competition

·     Four Audi Hungaria apprentices were awarded in three automotive categories at the national students’ competition

·     Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria responsible for Human Resources and Organization: “We are honored that our contestants were able to demonstrate their skills and expertise again this year in the ‘Szakma Sztár’ professional competition”

Győr, April 26, 2023 – This year saw the 16th edition of the “Szakma Sztár” Festival, organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and sponsored by AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt., where awards were presented to the best young professionals of the country. Four Audi Hungaria students also earned podium positions in the national students’ competition: Kornél László in the body mechanics category and Róbert Violka in the car production category came first, Márkó Tóth earned second place in the car production category, while Bence Horváth ranked third in the vehicle polishing category. The students of the four-ring company’s dual vocational training program competed in a total of ten professions over three rounds, in the course of which they demonstrated not only their theoretical but also their practical knowledge.

The aim of the annual “Szakma Sztár” Festival organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to increase the social prestige and attractiveness of vocational professions, in the spirit of the slogan “Hold a profession in your hands”. Students can win the “Best Apprentice” award in 57 different professions in the national finals of the competition. This year, four Audi Hungaria students were presented with awards.

“One of the cornerstones of Audi Hungaria’s HR strategy is to guarantee the future viability of our company through competitive staff recruitment. Our dual vocational training program provides competence development for our future employees in a constantly evolving network. For 22 years, we have been successfully running a practice-oriented dual vocational training program with the vocational training institutions of Győr, where our students can learn a number of automotive professions using state-of-the-art technologies. We are pleased that our contestants were able to demonstrate their skills and expertise again this year in the ‘Szakma Sztár’ competition. My heartfelt congratulations to the award winners Bence Horváth, Kornél László, Márkó Tóth and Róbert Violka, to whom I wish further success in their careers, and many thanks for the partner institutions and trainers for their work,” said Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Directors of Audi Hungaria, responsible for Human Resources and Organization.

Audi Hungaria

Audi Hungaria’s experts coached a total of 60 students for the “Szakma Sztár” competition, who demonstrated their skills in 10 professions, including three sectors—namely electronics-electrical engineering, special machine and vehicle manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. Four students made it to the finals, including two in the car production, one in the body mechanics and one in the vehicle polishing category. The company was also present at the event as a sponsor and exhibitor: the Audi Hungaria stand hosted the final of the automotive mechanic category, and the employees of the Győr‑based company also shared some information on training programs as well as vehicle technology know-how with the visitors.

Since its foundation, Audi Hungaria has placed great emphasis on the education and high-level training of the next generation. The company has been successfully cooperating with secondary schools in the city of Győr since 2012 within the framework of its dual vocational training program. The aim of the program is to allow students to successfully put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice. The effectiveness of the training scheme is demonstrated by the fact that since the start of the program, more than 2,400 young people have acquired practical knowledge in a total of 14 automotive, electronics, metalworking or financial trades. In addition, after the completion of their studies, 90% of these students embark on their careers at the company. Students from the company’s dual vocational training program have been taking part in the “Szakma Sztár” professional competition for ten years.



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