Audi Hungaria saved the equivalent of 4,800 households’ annual electricity consumption in 2023

Győr, March 13, 2024 – Audi Hungaria sets energy reduction targets every year as part of its Mission:Zero environmental program. In 2023, the Győr-based company implemented energy efficiency measures equivalent to savings of nearly 22,000 MWh, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 4,800 households and the annual heat consumption of 540 households.

Last year, the company realized a total of nearly 12,000 MWh of electricity and heat energy savings by reducing the heating temperature in offices and production halls, as well as by optimizing the speed of fans in comfort ventilation machines.

With this measure, the company simultaneously reduced the amount of natural gas and increased the share of geothermal energy, so that now 95% of the energy used for heating comes from geothermal energy.



The company also achieved significant energy savings in the area of mechanical processing: the direct connections of the electric motors of the older equipment used to service the emulsion in the production lines were replaced by frequency changers, which allows the emulsion demand of the production line to be monitored much more accurately by the system pumps. As a result of this modification, the energy consumption of the machines has been reduced by an average of 30%, which represents a saving of almost 1,200 MWh.



The application of paints and varnishes in the company’s paint shop requires the use of high-performance air handling equipment to control air circulation in the booths. Last year, the company saved a significant amount of energy in this area as well: by reducing the speed of the fans in the spray booths of the base coat, it saved 300 MWh of energy each year. In the paint shop, the company saved a further 198 MWh of energy by optimizing the door waxing process, following the implementation of a new type of waxing material and the removal of the infrared lamps used to melt the wax.



Sustainability is a key pillar of Audi Hungaria’s strategy: the company is continuously reducing its environmental footprint through a number of environmental initiatives and measures. The company has been carbon neutral in its balance sheet since January 2020. Audi Hungaria is the largest industrial user of geothermal energy in Hungary, having one of the largest solar parks in Europe – covering a total of 160,000 square meters on the roofs of the company’s logistics centers – contributing to its carbon neutrality. 




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