KÖVET Association: sustainability award won jointly by Audi Hungaria and Büchl Hungaria

Győr, November 15, 2023 – Yesterday, at the KÖVET Conference and Award Ceremony, AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. and BÜCHL HUNGARIA Kft. jointly received the “Environmental Savings Award” in the category of investments that return in over three years titled “The largest high-hanging fruit”. The award ceremony honored domestic companies and municipalities that have found economically viable solutions to today’s environmental challenges. After the ceremony, representatives of the winning companies presented their environmental projects, showcasing examples of good practice, in a round table discussion.


Under the “Money Back Through the Window Programme”, the KÖVET Association collects submissions of environmentally and economically beneficial projects, which are audited by the Association’s experts at the companies’ headquarters, and then – based on the decision of an independent professional jury – presents “Environmental Savings Awards”.


Audi Hungaria and Büchl Hungaria received the award for their joint sustainable waste transport project in the category of investments that pay off in over three years titled “The largest high-hanging fruit” in recognition of their already implemented, financially viable development. Audi Hungaria and Büchl Hungaria have worked closely together to make waste transport more sustainable, using electric trucks to transport waste between sites. Audi Hungaria also plans to install a separate electric charging station for charging vehicles at the production site in 2024.


Sustainability is a key pillar of Audi Hungaria’s corporate strategy: the company is continuously reducing its environmental footprint through a number of environmental measures. The company has been carbon neutral in its balance sheet since January 2020. Audi Hungaria is the largest industrial user of geothermal energy in Hungary, and Europe’s largest solar farm built on the roof of the company’s logistics center also contributes to its carbon neutrality. In 2021, the company launched the Aluminum Closed Loop project, which involves the reintroduction and closed-loop recycling of the aluminum waste generated during production. In addition, there is also an apiary and a herb and medicinal plant garden located on the company’s factory premises in Győr.



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