Site specific challenges impacted Audi Hungaria’s performance in 2023

Győr, March 19, 2024 – Audi Hungaria’s performance was impacted by site-specific challenges in the fiscal year 2023. Last year, the Győr site of the company with the four rings produced 1,660,425 powertrains, including 114,058 electric drives. A total of 177,775 vehicles (including SKD production) rolled off the production line in Győr. In 2023, the company generated a sales volume of 9.102 billion euros* and invested a total of 343 million euros*. As the largest employer in the region, Audi Hungaria employed 11,663 colleagues at the end of last year. Together with their wholly owned subsidiary AUDI HUNGARIA AHEAD Kft., the two companies have a total of 12,143 employees.

“Economic challenges had a major impact on our fiscal year 2023. Audi Hungaria continues to be a particularly important player in the Hungarian economy, with a major contribution to GDP, exports and employment throughout Hungary”, said Michael Breme, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria. “The continuous development of our colleagues’ competencies and our forward-looking Next Level Strategy form the basis for our continued success.”


Last year, the Győr site of the company with the four rings generated a sales volume of 9.102 billion euros* and invested a total of 343 million euros*. In 2023, the company invested in a number of new projects, including the series production of the new PPE (Premium Platform Electric) electric drives and the EA888 R4 Otto drives. Since the company was founded in 1993, a total of 12.5 billion euros* has been invested, making Audi Hungaria the largest investor in the Hungarian automotive industry.


Dr. Patrick Heinecke, Board Member for Finance, Procurement, IT and Compliance at Audi Hungaria, adds: “The performance of Audi Hungaria in 2023 was enormously influenced by one-off special effects. In order to maintain our competitiveness in the current tense market and cost situation, we will have to face new challenges. We are constantly working to improve our profitability and financial performance in order to be prepared for the challenges of the future.”


In 2023, the company was once again awarded with the prize Hungary’s Most Attractive Workplace, which it earned by taking first place in the overall ranking and in the category Employers in the Automotive Industry. In addition, Audi Hungaria was awarded with the certificate “Family Friendly Company” by the Center for Family Friendliness in Hungary last year.

Last year, our company celebrated its 30th anniversary: By starting the series production of a new generation of electric drives (PPE drives), they continued their journey on the path towards electromobility and strengthened their competence-based services with the founding of an independent subsidiary, AUDI HUNGARIA AHEAD Kft.


This year, Audi Hungaria will start the production of the CUPRA Terramar model in Győr and continue to prepare for the next generation of electric drives, i.e., the MEBeco drives.



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