Vocational Training Has Begun at Audi Hungaria Project and Training Centre

2012. 02. 01.

• 13 professions are trained at Audi Hungaria
• Ensuring a steady, high-quality labour supply
• Attractive future prospects for young people

AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. is consciously developing its vocational training activities. 20 vocational trainees have started their studies today at the Company’s Project and Training Centre which opened in the autumn of 2011. Currently 190 young people are studying at Audi Hungaria in Győr within the framework of the well established “modular vocational training.” The number of young people studying electronics and metallurgy at the company may be expanded to 250 in the future. Audi Hungaria has spent over HUF 500 million to establish the conditions for vocational training and finance the educational aids at the Training Centre. At the Centre, the students may choose to learn one of 13 electronic and metallurgical professions.

“Vocational training plays an important role in ensuring the long-term labour supply of the company. Well-trained skilled workers are the key to our future,” said Richárd Rozman, Managing Director for Human Ressources of Audi Hungaria. “This is why we place such emphasis on vocational education and offer such attractive career path to skilled workers at Audi Hungaria.”

The 20 vocational trainees, starting their vocational training at the Project and Training Centre today, are studying to become mechatronics mechanicians, electrotechnic technicians, body painters and body ironers. Additional professions will also be taught at the company’s training centre, such as toolmaker, automotive production worker, cutting machine operator, car mechanic, car electronic mechanician, automation technician and heavy-current electrician. It is Audi Hungaria’s goal to increase the current number of its 190 vocational trainees to 250 by 2014. The vocational training runs in parallel with school studies and is supplemented with a four week long production training during the summer. The training centre enables students to learn innovative technologies, such as the BUS data transfer system, pneumatics, vehicle diagnostics, automation and screw application technology.

In addition to learning metallurgical professions, students can also learn the daily routine and manufacturing processes of a large company.

As of July of 2012, The Project and Training Centre shall become a vocational training centre where vocational trainees can learn every fundamental skill. Theoretical and practical skills are acquired at school, as well as the company’s manufacturing facilities and training centre in a work-study rotation. Audi Akademie Hungaria operates the Project and Training Centre with a current staff of 30. 10 of them work as vocational trainers.

Vocational training with a practical orientation is a fundamental condition and integral part of Audi Hungaria’s long-term human resources strategy. This is also one of the reasons why the company works in cooperation with Lukács Sándor Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering School and Residential College,Pattantyús Ábrahám Géza Industrial Secondary School and General Cultural Centre and Kossuth Lajos Industrial, Secondary and Vocational School and Residential College.Since 2001,the number of students participating in vocational training has exceeded 1000. In the future, graduating students can begin their careers in the various branches of Audi Hungaria or at the new vehicle manufacturing facility.

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