Third-generation Audi TT dreams and stories

The sports car celebrates its 25th anniversary, which is synonymous with the beginning of car manufacturing in Győr: three generations of models that have not only made the dreams of Audi Hungaria come true, but also those of three generations of people, inspiring them to gain new experiences.

To celebrate the anniversary, we have made a film highlighting the values of our home, Győr and its surroundings, featuring everyday, real-life TT owners who hold our iconic model in the same special place as we, Audi employees do.

We have interviewed three of them and asked them about their passion and the subject of it. Finally, meet Zsolt, who himself is the living embodiment of the TT way of life.

What kind of car do you drive?

On a daily basis, I drive an RS Q3, recently built in Győr, which I received on 13 December 2022. I also have a supercharged S4 powered by an engine made in Győr. And the first place in my heart is definitely taken by my Vegas Yellow, 2000 edition, TSI-powered, 310 bhp TT, which I bought in 2018.

Why did you choose this model?

I am the managing director of a company that – among others – is a supplier to Audi. This is my first job. My company car has always been a VW or an Audi. Since I was a kid, I have wanted a convertible, and 2019 brought me the opportunity to get one. It is yellow because it has been my favorite color since I was a child, and this is the color in which I like this model the most. In addition, the official Audi brochure features a third-generation TT Roadster model in yellow. Not to mention the fact that I had a Russian girlfriend at the time, and yellow in Russian is phonetically pronounced as ‘Zsolti’.

What do you like most about your car?

That fact that it radiates the yellow as strongly as the sun radiates its light. I think the color yellow symbolizes vitality, good energy and warmth. The retractable hardtop opens and closes in seconds, and it is black, so overall, the car gives a bicolor picture, which I like even more. I would choose this model again and again out of all the cars. And its power blows me away every time. The engine is a dream: it is a four-cylinder, peppy one that revs up fast and allows for quick gear changes. The company chose the best engine for it. It is stable, not nose heavy, and with dynamic mode selected, the car sends additional torque to the rear wheels for a sportier feel, allowing for incredible cornering speeds. It turns like a go-kart on a right-angled road, and its progressive steering is extraordinary, truly like a dream. The boot is also large, 280 liters. Inside, the cockpit has a very simple design and is driver-oriented, like on a plane. The design idea really came through for me, as I bought it for myself.

It is clear from this enthusiastic account that you do not use it in everyday traffic.

I bought the car to use it for my own pleasure. I love skiing, and it almost gives me the same feeling as I am “carving” the turns in wooded or hilly roads. I really enjoy driving it. One disadvantage is that people always want to race me, he laughs.

Anyone who played a lot of matchbox games as a child can understand and appreciate this. I usually like to drive on the weekends. I always go for an hour or two. I put the roof down and just enjoy as the trees in the woods and the good energy of the landscape caress me, making me forget the everyday stress. I like these trips a lot. I often go to visit Lake Balaton, the Pilis Mountains or the surroundings of Eger and Miskolc. However, I do not use the car in winter. I do not have winter tires. But as soon as the thermometer rises above 7°C, I am off. I dress well, but its heating is extra strong anyway.

Is your TT a family member?

Sure, all my cars are. For me, it is not a problem to look after my TT, to take care of it. The entire car is covered with transparent anti-stoning and anti-bug film. It also has a ceramic coating, a self-healing film that pushes out small scratches with heat. Every year I have the film polished and also renew the ceramic coating of the car. I keep it in a temperature-controlled garage where the temperature and humidity are just right, and I also wash it off after each use. For me, it is as natural as brushing my teeth in the evening. I really cherish it.


In the film, we see you driving with gloves on.

Indeed, although there is no particular reason or emotional motive for doing so. It keeps the steering wheel from wearing out, and it also makes driving more comfortable for me. By the way, the color of my gloves is grey, because the color of the insert in the car seat is also grey.

How did you find the film shooting?

It was a dream. I left the scene full of energy. I was also very happy that I was able to contribute ideas to the film. We talked through the details, so in addition to acting, I could also contribute to the content of the film.

What is your relationship with the Audi brand?

Since 1998, I have been working for a German measuring instrument distribution company, of which I am now the manager, so my passion for the German brand, and the Audi brand in particular, can probably be traced back to this. I can also fully identify with the slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ (‘Progress through Technology’). I feel that the world of Audi matches my personality. When I took delivery of my TT, I was extremely happy. It is like my toy car. I see myself in it. When I put down the roof, I let my free spirit race on the roads, and I feel myself free.




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